Fine Jewelry for All Occasions

We believe that Jewelry is truly a gift of Love. When you're looking for that perfect gift for someone or that great gift for yourself, please contact us when you're looking to create something remarkable. 

We're creative, dependable and can work with budgets of all sizes.

We also have a terrific jewelry inventory of one of a kind or limited edition rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants ready to wear and buy. Please contact us for more information.

A Few Quotes...

Kimberly Vagner

In-Kind Gifts Project Manager, Gemological Institute of America

“Joanna's jewelry is an elegant blend of classic and contemporary styles. GIA is honored to have her 1995 Spectrum Award winning ring, 'Elation'. as part of its permanent collection. It is a perfect example of the timelessness of her designs.” August 4, 2008

Don Ross

Don hired me as a Jewelry Designer in 2006

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

“Joanna far exceeded my expectations in every way when designing a custom engagement ring for my wife. I enjoyed our time working together to create something dazzling. Her eye for design is keen and the delivered product took all of our breath away. I highly recommend Joanna if you are trying to make a jewelry dream come true.”

    Diana Pritchard

    Diana hired me as a Jewelry Designer in 2007 and hired me more than once

    Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

    “I highly recommend Joanna for any piece of jewelry that your mind can dream up and need her assistance to bring to reality. She is a creative genius and a master at this art. Joanna has created several pieces for me that I receive unsolicited compliments on.” 

    Keith Berge

    Anesthesiologist, Mayo Clinic
    “I had the good fortune to have Joanna as a teacher for a granulation class when she taught at the Revere Academy. She was an excellent and patient teacher to all levels. As well, she is an excellent jewelry designer and creator, incorporating her granulation skills into beautiful works of jewelry art.

    Bradley Pritchard

    Bradley hired me as a Jewelry Designer in 2007

    Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

    “Joanna made my life easy! Her creative and BEAUTIFUL work thrilled us. The engagement ring was exactly the piece my wife had dreamed of. Both of our wedding bands (all three actually) were one-of-a-kind and stunning! Joanna also consulted with me to select the perfect wedding gifts that my wife adored! Women will love her work! Men...don't try it without her:). Thank you Joanna!!!”

    Brian Pritchard

    Brian Pritchard hired me as a Jewelry Designer in 2008

    Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

    “I was referred to Joanna in the Summer of 2008 to design my wife-to-be, Nuriyeh's, engagement ring and was absolutely floored by the results! By creatively and energetically gathering personality traits, interests and photos of my fiance, she designed and, in a amazingly fast turnaround, created a piece of jewelry/ art that will forever symbolize our bond to one another. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a specialized piece of jewelry for any occasion. My fiance is beaming and, no joke, she gets compliments and inquiries about the ring design everywhere she goes!” October 2, 2008

    Jeff Milstein

    President, Wyatt Austin Jewelers

    “Joanna is an extremely creative and talented jewelry professional. I have worked together with her on several projects and she has a keen sense of what can be accomplished, has fantastic client skills and an outstanding flair for design. She is extremely trustworthy and dependable. We love her....”

      Joanna Joy Seetoo

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